Moderná a jedinečná web stránka pre Rustique

Moderná a jedinečná web stránka pre Rustique

Rustique: vysoko kvalitné ručne a strojovo vyrábané exkluzívne tehly z Holandska

Multilingual & multi-domain website with a clean design

Brainsum has been a development partner with Rustique, a Central European-based building materials manufacturer based in Slovakia, for 10+ years. Brainsum has implemented new and updated websites for Rustique with contemporary Drupal tech solutions over the past decade.


Rustique’s current web presence is laid out as one multilingual and multidomain supported corporate site. Brainsum is currently working on upgrading all of their sites, designed through professional UX research and customer interviews, to Drupal 8/9 as much of what is required by Rustique is increasingly becoming obsolete on Drupal 7.


The webshop built on Drupal 7 three years ago has a very clear, yet stylish, layout and design. Additional custom solutions such as automated additional product offerings (e.g.  implemented a few interesting custom solutions like automated complementary product recommendations (e.g. construction glue)products sent to the cart. An automated shipping price calculator was also implemented.















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